What is the high CPS rate?

For many gamers, it is possible to click at a pace of 5-7 CPS counter within the time frame of 10 seconds to one minute. This rate does not require using any special clicking techniques.

7-8 is a good indicator, which is easy to reach in short-time tests.

9 and more - this is also a very good number. With a simple click, it is quite difficult to achieve, as this requires special skills.

Along with statistics, the average clicker rate is 6.25, and the worldwide record is 14.1.

How Can I See My Results?

CPS test can count to 200 (or over on powerful PCs) clicks in a second, so you can check your macros and mouse auto clickers here, too.

Counter displays the last game results for each game. The data is not collected on the server, as it is stored in your browser's cookies. If you delete the site's cookies, the records will be lost.

After completing each test, you will receive a window with the result in the CPS. In the same window, you can see some buttons for sharing your scores on social networks.

What is CPS Counter?

Sometimes gamers or IT specialists need to find out how swiftly they can click the gaming mouse.

This is necessary for estimating your clicking speed or mouse speed as well as improving your gaming performance.

This website was created to accurately measure the click rate. Usually, it is measured in CPS.

You can calculate it manually using a stopwatch, but the score will not be as accurate as automatically obtained on this site.

What is CPS Tester?

With the help of the CPS Counter test, you will get:

  1. The exact number of CPS test
  2. Good test performance
  3. Evaluation of the result after each test
  4. Speed over time graph
  5. The history of CPS (in some of the tests)
  6. The ability to share the result

How to use the CPS test?

  1. Press the green "Start" button and the test will start.
  2. Keep clicking on the button until the time runs out.
  3. Get your result.

If you need to start again, there is a reset button.

CPS Tester records indicators for tests of 5 seconds or longer, which clearly indicates how the click rate varies throughout the game.

This is how you can track finger fatigue, particularly during longer tests.

As stated above, if you want to achieve a better result in the Counter trial, try to play with your touchpad or a mouse. There are several mouse click techniques, and we will briefly explain the principle of each below.

Standard click

This is the simple click, a habitual way of working on a PC. It is very easy to do, but the pace is the lowest – 5 to 8 maximum.

Butterfly click

This method works best on gaming mice that allow double-click; otherwise, the increase in CPS counter will not be significant. This technique is made by clicking the mouse button with two fingers in turn.

Jitter click

This is another good way to increase your result, but it requires a good workout. The secret behind this method is to strain the hand so that it shakes. The strain of the hand creates vibrations that have a high frequency, so the clicker speed will be higher than if you just move one finger. Jitter click allows gaining 12 to 20 CPS.

Drag click

In this method, the mouse plays a crucial role. When you drag a click, vibrations created when dragging your finger on the surface of the mouse perform the click. Result from a drag click can reach up to 100!

Auto clicker

This is a cheating method: just program the mouse so that it clicks itself. Some mice can be programmed using the manufacturer's software. In theory, the auto clicker can produce up to 1000, but games can usually recognize much fewer clicks.

Please do not hesitate to share this cps test with your friends and challenge them to join your contest!

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Use this CPS counter to check your mouse click speed and train it or prove to your friends that you are the fastest!

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This counter shows your current result and the best one (remembers results).Use this CPS counter to check your mouse click speed and train it or prove to your friends that you are the fastest!

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